Yes, I know it has been a while…

found this in my drafts from 8/12/2008. hence why it is not finished. makes me smile though.

my family has been after me for a while to update my blog.  So here’s the latest.

First let me say I LOVED Women of Faith.  That weekend I was stressed from not feeling like there was enough time, I was NOT doing well with working and feeling like I had abandoned my family, and we were running late.  Not good.  I really don’t know why I worry so much.  God is always in control of my life.  Why worry.  Those times are when I feel most vulnerable but I am learning to rely more on God and His plan for me and His love and His mercy and His guidance and His grace and most of all His love.  Deonna helped me acknowledge this when I was really struggling that first night.  We walked in the door to hear Nicole C. Mullen singing When I Call on Jesus.  Let me tell you there is nothing like being in a valley and hearing that song.  The weekend was a time of intense spiritual growth for me.  I will never miss an opportunity to be blessed and encouraged and to fellowship and sing – oh the singing.

I guess this is why I don’t update more often…I ramble.  Oh, well.

The kids are doing great in school and loving almost every minute.  I have to say that we’ve all done well with me going to work.  I mean the house is a mess a lot and there is not enough time, but is there ever enough time to spend together as a family – I would say no.  We are adjusting.  Jason deserves a lot of credit for this because he has really been the glue that keeps up together.  He has fixed lunches, cleaned the kitchen, done laundry, you name it, he’s done it all to help out and to help me keep my sanity.  You have to know this is HUGE!  Needless to say, we are all greatful, especially me.  He has made the transition much easier and I cannot sing his praises enough.  I love you, Jason.  Thank you.

We got a new car.  WooHoo!  We were staying with Dee and Bob and our sweet little minivan just had had enough.  I can tell you that even though that car was really BAD, and was barely running, it served us well.  It was a blessing.  We brought two babies home from the hospital in that van.  jacob and bowen.


i’ll never get this right…


i will never do this regularly.  i mean i want to, but i just simply do not take the time.  i should.  it helps me organize my thoughts.  my words.  my life.  so in an effort to be more aware of how Jesus shows me everyday how he loves me, i am choosing to be openly thankful.  i don’t want to miss God.  i don’t want to miss his love and adoration. i want to hear his heartbeat.  these are some things i have been thankful for today…

  • the  sky was beautiful
  • the rain makes the grass lovely and bright and beautiful
  • kisses from my babies
  • mason is home
  • boxes for the littles to play in
  • easy trip to gilmer for brysen’s visit
  • mason watching the little girls while i went to gilmer
  • my family is all under one roof
  • we are all safe
  • great visit from my parents this weekend
  • fresca
  • i love my dee

i know this may seem silly, but i need reminding just how good God is to me.  i need reminding how much he loves me.  verse of the day – Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ. Ephesiasns 1:3

It’s been too long…

Yesterday was Bowen’s 11th birthday, prompting me to read my blog posts from times long since passed. As I was reading, I came across some replies to my posts from my friend Jenny. Jenny really has me thinking a lot lately. After all, she’s the reason I started blogging to begin with. Her family has been very influential to me. More about that later…
With all the change in our lives lately, we’ve been out of sorts. Mason graduating, moving to Tyler, leaving friends, changing schools (for two kids, twice), and Mason moving from home to college (5 hrs. from me), not to mention some struggles not fit for print. It’s been a lot on this wife & mama of four. She has not done very well with everything. Don’t get me wrong, we are moving in a very positive forward direction. Here’s the thing, in some ways I’ve been trying to resist change because sometimes it causes discomfort and even pain. In case you don’t know me very well, I’ll go ahead and tell you that I do not like change or pain. I mean, don’t get me wrong, change is good sometimes. We love our new church and our new house is a lovely blessing. It’s huge and I love it. You would think with all of this goodness, that I would have a genuine smile on my face. Not so much. In fact I am sure there a lot of people at church and most certainly at the schools who now have the opinion that I am certifiably crazy. I mean, what would you think of someone who constantly had tears welling up in their eyes. People have been very kind and gracious and concerned and sweet. Again, tears. Really. Nut job. It’s really bad when someone asks me how we are doing and I can’t for the life of me manage to be convincing that everything is going well. It is. It is going well. Just not easy. And did I mention all at once. You will notice I have said nothing about anything truly serious or life threatening that is going on. We have none of that. Of course you wouldn’t think so with my recent outbursts.  I seem to have forgotten who the enemy is…
This is the list of things he has been taking from me lately.
• my self-confidence
• confidence in choices made for our family
• my joy
• my happiness
• my trust in God
• sleep
• time
• goodness
• peace
• quiet
• kindness
• patience
• good eating habits
• exercise
• did I mention confidence?
So here is what I’ve determined. Well, God and me.
1. Satan is a liar.
2. He does not want me to trust God.
3. He steals.
4. He wants to destroy.
5. I (we – God and me) will not let him.

I Can’t Wait!!!

I am so excited!  First – Allan and CA are coming tonight, just for the night, but it will be sooo nice to visit.  Then, Dee is on her way to stay with me and we are going to see Beth Moore at a Living Proof conference.  Woohoo.  I don’t know her, have never met her, but feel we (me and Beth) are connected, she’s my friend.  After the conference we are all going to the Ranger game and Mercy Me is doing a concert before the game.  I know, I know!  Try to contain yourself… I will then be going back to Flower Mound with Dee for the weekend.  We are on vacation the very next Wednesday and the Thursday we get back, I start my new job, than on Friday, we (Me and Dee and CA) are going to the Women of Faith Conference for the weekend.  Can it get any better?  Weeks of excitement and spiritual growth with my favorite people.  I can’t wait!!! I just can’t wait…

10 blessings in my day…

  1. sunrays – that is my personal “I Love You, Tiersa” from God – I love them!
  2. i didn’t have to fix dinner – woo hoo
  3. i got two coupons today, one for clothes and one for michael’s
  4. mason is home with us by himself – although i miss the little kids, it really gives us a chance to focus just on him
  5. i did 6 loads of laundry
  6. i had a very good hair day
  7. my oh, so delicious cup of coffee with italian sweet cream
  8. my daddy commented on my blog  : )
  9. the 21 days of the tour de france is over and i can now dvr cold case and the closer
  10. that i appreciate all these simple, but good things that make my day very happy

Catching up…quickly

First of all, let me just say, I cannot master adding pictures in any organized way on wordpress.  Sorry.  Well, sad to say, it has been almost a year since I have updated by blog.  I have to confess that the main reason I have not updated is because I get behind and then feel like I have to include every detail about everything – so not necessary.  So, in the spirit of efficiency, I will update in one paragraph all the things that have happened in our lives over the past few months.  These items will probably make no sense and are in no particular order since I will be brainstorming.

Deonna eloped to Vegas (isn’t that cool) and got married to Bob Ashmore (new daughter Josie, 12)  = Deonna Ashmore.  She is happier than I have seen her maybe ever.  The girls are all doing well and I got a new niece out of the whole deal.  I pray God’s blessings on their marriage and life together as a family.  I pray they will always seek Christ in all they do and He will show Himself to them daily.  The kids did GREAT in school, all my anxiety about not preparing them enough was completely false.  They surprised the school staff, I guess the school has had some bad experience with homeschoolers.  That was and is not the case with our kiddos.  Christmas was wonderful.  Mason did great in football.  I am so proud of all his efforts and hard work.  He did so well with his grades.  Basketball will be his sport this fall.   Kacey played softball and did a great job!  Her helmet and all her gear was pink and black – how cute!  Kacey and Jacob and Bowen all received awards at school for straight A’s, Bowen never got under a 99 on his report card, Kacey was commended on Math and Reading TAKS tests, and Jacob got AR awards – which as you know is huge.  Kacey was also an Eagle Singer.  They all make me smile.  Mason turned 15 and Kacey 11.  My sweet friend, Donna lost her husband, David.  I hurt for her.  My other friend, Donna, was diagnosed with breast cancer and is recovering from a double mastectomy.  My sweet friends Dan and Debbie are dealing with health issues also.  Debbie had to have an emergency hysterectomy and is now facing a mastectomy to deal with breast cancer.  Please pray for them all.  Zeke was hit by a car and we are still sad he is not with us.  Max is our new dog and we love him dearly.  We aquired a cat who quickly had 5 kittens and is currently pregnant with her 2nd litter in 3 mos.  due any day now.  I started substitute teaching at all three schools this year.  It was really fun, so, I got a job next year doing inclusion at the Intermediate School (4th – 6th grades).  I just finished my paraprofessional training and made all 100’s on my tests – yay me!  This is big for me since I have never worked every day for all day.  Ever.  I’m excited.  My mom has lost 100+ pounds, can you believe that – without surgery, a whole person gone.  She is healthier and looks great.  My dad got hearing aids and can now hear us when we talk to him.  I am so grateful for that.  Jason is doing so good with preaching and ministering to our congregation.  He is still in Graduate School (LCU) and is 21 months away from graduation.  He amazes me.  God amazes me with how he is using Jason to show His love to others.   I just now blushed when Jason kissed my cheek.  It still happens when he enters the room and smiles, or kisses me or just looks my way.  That is a great feeling.  I am thankful for that.  It makes my heart smile big.  God has worked in our lives in tremendous ways this year.  We cannot say ‘thank you’ enough.  We have a new sweet baby nephew, AJ.  Andrew Jason Reeves was born to Craig and Emily on February 25th (Paw-Paw’s birthday).  He is so sweet and I adore him.  I hate that I am missing him grow.  Terry is growing so fast.  I love when Maw-Maw brings him for a visit.  Aunt Tiersa misses his kisses.  : )   Let me see, what else.  Ashley graduated college and got married (you know the girl who gave Kacey boppie).  It was the funnest wedding!  Kacey went to see the Jonas Brothers and loved every minute of it.  We took our youth group camping in Tyler.  My sweet friend Lucinda, her husband, Joseph, and sweet babies Derek and Caelan, moved to Austin.  This is a big deal for me.  She was my friend here.  You know, here.  She is creative, and encouraging, and the very best mother, not to mention the woman can cook.  I pray she is happy and thriving in her new home.  I pray peace for her family.  I miss her.  Jason misses Joseph.  We all (especially Kacey) miss their kids.  I miss my Mamaw.  I need her hugs and kisses and to see her sweet smile.  She is always so encouraging.  I love her.  We have been super busy this summer.  We are all excited about the new school year.  Mason 10th, Kacey 6th, Jacob 3rd, and Bowen 2nd.  They are growing so fast.  I don’t want to miss a thing.

First Day of School


I know what you are probably thinking, but I did not cry.  I feel very good about them going to school.  I thought this day would be different.  I thought I would cry, and be worried, and be sad, and lonely, and worry, and worry.  I am so thankful God has taken care of our family.  We are so blessed to have people who care about our children with them at school.  It is such a comfort to know that they will be taken care of even if it is not by me.  They were in great moods this morning and no one cried or was upset.  I am sure they were a little nervous, but they did great – that helps me.  I am very hopeful about the possibilities for them – meeting new friends, activities, personal growth.  I feel good about the foundation we have and will continue to give them.  Ultimately, they make the choices.  Pray with me they will be good ones.  We will continually pray for their hearts and for protection and love for each other and that they will be good friends to others, for their future spouses and children, for their faithfulness to Christ, and most of all, that they will have a heart for God and will seek Him all the days of their lives.  Hopefully I will be able to clean out cabinets and closets and get lots done during the day, maybe a little free time, too.  Zeke is missing them.  I’ll try to post again this afternoon to let you know how their day goes.